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WETALK is a new traveling talk show and live event about the women shaping our culture, moving the conversation from #MeToo to #WeDo, by focusing on unlikely combinations of unique women.The mission of WeTalk is to bring together change-makers who are blazing new paths across arts, entrepreneurship, government, and technology to spark new ideas & creations.

WeTalk Season 1 Ep. 7: New York, NY - Image Matters: Alysia Reiner, Christy Havranek, Andrea Nevins

Documentary director Ondi Timoner sits down with three successful media figures to discuss female representation on our screens.

WeTalk Season 1 Ep. 8: New York, NY - Nancy Schwartzman, Jennifer Cooper, Rabbi Rachel Timoner

In Episode 2 of WeTalk Tribeca, our host Ondi Timoner crafts a conversation with panelists around the heavy question of the ethics of protest with documentary filmmaker and media strategist Nancy Schwartzman (Roll Red Roll); UN Women Coordinator of the Unstereotype Alliance, Jennifer Cooper; social justice and community-building spearheader Rabbi Rachel Timoner; and documentary director and producer Kate Davis (Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland).

WeTalk Season 1 Ep. 9: New York, NY - Rabbi Timoner, Heather Hunter, Stephanie Wang Breal,Eliza Hook

Panelists Rabbi Rachel Timoner, cultural icon Heather Hunter, filmmaker Stephanie Wang Breal and activist Eliza Hook discusses the importance of advocating for those least powerful among us.

WeTalk Season 1 Ep. 10: San Francisco, CA - Margaret Richardson, Renee Diresta, Heather King

What's at Stake in the Election?

WeTalk Season 1 Ep. 11: San Francisco, CA - Radha Mistry, Heather Huestis, Jill Tidman

How to Create a Sustainable Society

WeTalk Season 1 Ep. 12: San Francisco, CA - Adriana Gascoigne, Sheila Warren, Tyi McCray

Women Leaders in Tech: What is Changing?

WeTalk Season 1 Ep. 14: Miami, FL - Cathy Leff, Carolina Garcia Jayaram, Ximena Caminos

Art & Philanthropy

WeTalk Season 1 Ep. 15: Miami, FL - Barbara Hulanicki, Karla Ferguson, Rhonda Mitrani

Art for Social Change Through Women’s Empowerment WeTalk Miami is back with episode three! Our host, award-winning filmmaker, and entrepreneur Ondi Timoner welcomes guest panelists Barbara Hulanicki: fashion designer and founder of clothing store Biba; Karla Ferguson: lawyer, founder, and principal designer of Yeelen Group; and Rhonda Mitrani: filmmaker, director, and writer of Supermarket. These innovative women discuss how creating art, films, and clothing lines can empower others and inspire them to tackle the negative connotations society has on gender roles, race, and embracing identity. The episode also touches on the importance of staying socially aware through politically-charged art pieces, female fashion and a film on the societal downfalls of being pregnant.

WeTalk Season 1 Ep. 13: Miami, FL - Alison Chernick, Felice Grodin, Eva Wittels

WeTalk Miami - Art and the Digital Age At Art Basel in Miami, Ondi Timoner speaks with artists, architects, curators, and filmmakers who are embracing the fusion of technology and art.